2022-02-22 (Tue)

On the occasion of “Super Ninja Day”

Today, February 22, is defined as Ninja Day (because 2.22 can be pronounced “NinNinNin” in Japanese.) This year, the last two digits of the western calendar are also 22 once every 100 years, making it 2022.2.22, or “super” Ninja Day. There are two things I felt on such a day.

■ The first is that 100 years from now, on the following “Super Ninja Day (2122.2.22), and 100 years after that, on “Ultra Super” Ninja Day (2222.2.22), I wonder who is doing what about the Ninja that Japan should be proud and should tell the world.

Our wishes, of course, are:

  • The Ninja, who excelled at information skills, sneaked into people’s hearts, and reduced avoidable battles, also contributes to world peace.
  • The Ninja way of living with nature, training oneself, and living toward one’s mission is more accepted by the world.
  • On the other hand, the mysterious charm of the Ninja and the fun of Ninjutsu have brought smiles to the world in various ways.

However, I thought that the unit of 100 years was only for our interest and that we would not be able to live until then. From the viewpoint of the Ninjas who have existed for hundreds of years, although their appearance and names have been already changed, it is only a break in time.

■ Second, I was shocked to learn that Russia dispatched troops to Ukraine on this day due to modern information warfare.

The Russia and U.S. seemed highly committed to acquiring information and making strategic disclosures. It seems that a considerable number of modern Ninjas were working behind the scenes, but as a result, they could not stop the army’s movement.

Given that there are many similarities between the techniques of the Ninja and the CIA manuals and that Mr. Putin was a former KGB agent, this may be an expected development, but what happened today on this Super Ninja Day is too shocking to be true.

I firmly believe that what we can do is to let the world know more about the true teachings of the Ninja and their spirituality and spread them so that the next generation can think of ways to reduce the number of unnecessary battles further.

2022.2.22, on “Super NINJA DAY”