We are professionals
who bring strategy and guest attraction
to the leisure and entertainment arenas.
We have experienced the difficulty of starting up guest-attracting leisure projects and know first-hand the ways to survive after the popularity of the opening period.
Implementing strategies and guest attraction on a global level, rather than off of subjective assumptions, is the key to subsequent guest attraction, high satisfaction, and ultimately, successful business results.
Our team is here to help you develop down-to-earth strategies, guest attraction, and corporate partnerships.


ELDER TANAKA & ASSOCIATES, INC. Representative drector Hiroaki Tanaka
  • ●Although born in Setagaya, Tokyo, he grew up playing around Matsumoto Castle and Asama Hot Springs in his childhood and Korakuen Amusement Park (now Tokyo Dome City) as a student.
  • ●He majored in forestry at the University of Tokyo. He has visited more than 100 youth hostels and forests throughout Japan, from Rebun Island to Yaku Island.
  • ●After working for a general trading company, he was inspired by the marketing studies of Professor Philip Kotler and obtained an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. After that, he moved to New York and spent six years in the leisure industry, gaining experience in hotels, golf courses, and other facilities that attract leisure customers.
  • ●After returning to Japan, he moved to Universal Studios Japan. He contributed to the opening preparations, the grand opening, measures for repeat visitors, and the introduction of the Spiderman attraction as an executive in the planning department and marketing division.
  • ●After that, he was impressed by the KidZania business model from Mexico and participated in the opening of KidZania Tokyo, the first overseas expansion, and made a contribution as the head of the Sponsorship division that managed more than 50 corporate sponsors. Then, he held various senior management positions at leisure facilities.
  • ●In May 2016, with a determination to master his craft, he founded Elder Tanaka & Associates, Inc. with Norman Elder, who has been involved in establishing leisure facilities and attracting customers worldwide since participating in the launch of Tokyo Disneyland. He continues to provide consulting services specializing in opening theme parks and leisure facilities and strategies to attract customers. He has deep knowledge of theme parks worldwide, including supporting the opening of LEGOLAND Japan. He is also passionate about promoting Japanese content, such as ninja, to the world.
  • ※Member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), Academic Member of the Japanese Association for Consumer Studies, Member of International Ninja Research Association (Ninja name: Toraemon)
ELDER TANAKA & ASSOCIATES, INC. Norman Elder's Archievements and Legacy
With a diverse track record in the global theme park industry, Norman Elder brought expertise and world experience to the company.
He was experienced in bringing together visitor attractions and corporate "partners" via creative win-win programs that went beyond mere sponsorship, with a track record totaling over $1 billion USD (approximately ¥115 billion JPY).
In Japan, he was the first head of marketing for TDL, the first marketing supervisor for USJ, and the head of corporate partnerships for the opening of LEGOLAND Japan. He also worked in China, Korea, Malaysia, Spain, and Dubai, and he was instrumental in the corporate partnership projects of the massive Dubai Parks, which opened in 2016, and Universal Studios Beijing, which opened in 2021.
We will continue to develop a new era of guest attraction and partnership models while inheriting his legacy and accumulated knowledge.


The Society ET&A Aims to Create

Creating a joyful and peaceful world
where everyone can encounter laughter and excitement


ET&A’s Mission

To excite people like never before!
We deliver excitement and smiles to the world
with our freshness and commitment.


ET&A's Courses of Action

As the best matchmaker between
"spirit to entertain" and "spirit to have fun,” we cherish these three joys.
  • ・ The joy of connecting with others
  • ・ The joy of satisfying curiosity
  • ・ The joy of creating smiles


What we can offer

Practical support and consulting for theme parks and leisure facility openings, guest attractions, and business alliances.

・ Based on the knowledge and insight we have accumulated through our practical experience, we will respond to your concerns, desires, and doubts regarding the opening of themed facilities, guest attractions, and business alliances. Our strength is our ability to provide both practical support and consulting from a big-picture perspective.

・ Even business alliances in themed facilities are changing with the times. It is the front-line workers who facilitate "smiles and excitement" on any given day, but we believe that our experience, trend analysis, and global trends can be of help in the structure that supports this in terms of content and finances.

Practical support and consulting for ninja-related business planning, attracting customers, and disseminating information overseas

・ Ninjas are exciting and popular both in Japan and around the world. However, perhaps due to the nature of “Shinobi,” we have realized that it is more difficult than simply "learning Ninja techniques" to “wow” a targeted market segment and bring them to ninja attractions.

・ While the true image of the Ninja continues to be uncovered in Japan, several symbolic elements of the Ninja have become hooks for attracting visitors overseas. (We are also conducting our own research.)

・ We will provide practical support and consulting services to pridefully present the Japanese ninja in the form of NINJAtainment®, prompting excitement and smiles for many people in Japan and abroad.

Practical support and consulting to expand the attractiveness and messaging for street performances and Japanese culture.

・ We believe that the warm familiarity of street performance — in which performers solely arrange their tools, costumes, audio, etc. and are compensated after their performance — will bring more laughter and excitement in the years to come.

・ We have supported particularly bright and skillful street performers along with new and interesting street performance tournaments. In the future, we believe that a new form of street performance with an enhanced sense of speed and unity, and a more tasteful incorporation of Japanese elements, can create more laughter and excitement for audiences in Japan and abroad. We provide practical support and consulting for street performers who are looking into the future.



Company Name
Establishment of a company
May 20, 2016
Capital stock
10 million yen
Representative director
Hiroaki Tanaka
Special Advisors
Yuji Koyama
  • ・ Practical support and consulting for theme parks and leisure facility openings, guest attractions, and business alliances.
  • ・ Practical support and consulting for ninja-related business planning, attracting customers, and disseminating information overseas
  • ・ Practical support and consulting to expand the attractiveness and messaging for street performances and Japanese culture.
Affiliated Organizations
  • ・ IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions)
  • ・ Japanese Association for Consumer Studies (Academic Member)
  • ・ Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • ・ International Ninja Research Association
  • ・ Japan Ninja Council
1-5-3-201 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
(8 minutes’ walk from "Korakuen" subway station, 10 minutes’ walk from JR "Iidabashi" station, 10 minutes’ walk from "Kasuga" subway station)
Target Clients
  • ■ Leisure facilities (theme parks, amusement parks, etc.)
  • ■ Japanese content dissemination business (ninja, street performance, etc.)
  • ■ Regional revitalization projects, tourist attractions
  • ■ Sports-related customer attraction business
  • ■ Inbound-related business